White House Hosts Lawmakers From 39 States to Discuss Gun Violence Prevention

The White House is hosting nearly 100 lawmakers from 39 states on Wednesday to work on how their states can try to reduce gun violence following the creation of its gun violence prevention office, the first of its kind, Colleen Long reports for the Associated Press. The office  has formulated a set of guidelines to help states take action across six areas, including creating state-run offices like the federal office, strengthening support for survivors and families of victims, and reinforcing responsible gun ownership. Before the meeting, the Justice Department also came up with model legislation that state lawmakers can take back to their legislatures on safe storage of weapons and on reporting lost and stolen firearms. Vice President Kamala Harris is overseeing the office and will speak to the lawmakers on Wednesday. To date, there had been at least 42 mass killings in the United States this year, leaving at least 217 people dead, not including shooters who died

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