Woman Creates Audio Content out of Terror Manuals and Manifestos

Dallas Erin Humber,  the “narrator” of Terrorgram Collective’s network of violent, militant bigots, celebrated the actions of a 19-year-old white supremacist who went on a killing spree in Slovakia last October, The SoCal Research Club and Michael Boorman report for Left Coast Right Watch (LCRW), an investigative journalism outlet aimed at covering politics and extremism. Humber described the gunman’s manifesto as “fucking fire” and released a 30-minute documentary dedicated to him two days later.

Her vocal approval of the Slovakia attack (and others like it) encouraged her followers to mourn the shooter’s death while residents of Bratislava, the victims’ families and friends grieved their losses. Humber has been a long-time devotee of serial killers for two decades, starting when she was only 13 years old. Through her artwork that depicted murderers as bloody chibis and her online roleplaying as a “Politically Radical Lolita,” Humber has  purportedly glorified mass murder and encouraged others to follow in her footsteps.

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