Wonderful Things Happen When You Cultivate Your Various Gifts

How many of us think that what we do for a living is who we are? And when we think about that, does it bring us joy or sorrow? Well, I have great news for you! What you do is not who you are, and you are not stuck! It is important to remember that you are a multi-faceted being;You are not fixed in anything that you do.

The fact that you have been doing whatever you have been doing, whether you’ve been in real estate or you’ve been a nurse or you’ve been a doctor or you’ve been a lawyer or a mechanic, that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck being that for the rest of your life.

I heard somewhere that God’s gift to mankind is more talent and ability than they will ever be able to use during his lifetime and mankind’s gift to God is to cultivate as many of those talents as they can during their lifetime. Therefore, you need to look within yourself and find out who you truly are and the various talents that you have as a being, all the different possibilities and paths that you can take during this lifetime. 

You don’t need to stay stuck in any one thing. For example, the fact that I’m a lawyer doesn’t mean I have to be a lawyer the rest of my life. It’s just another one of my talents, it’s a skill that I’ve developed  and it’s the same thing with the public speaking  and coaching. I can be doing the speaking and coaching for the next however many years in my life and then end up doing something else. 

Celebrate and embrace your many talents. Some of you have hobbies that you love;You could be a yogi for example and that could be something that you develop further from just practicing to sharing that talent. Whatever brings you joy and happiness is the rabbit hole you want to follow. Remember, we’re all branches of the same tree and the contribution of your talents and know-how to the world has us all evolve.

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